Afgooey Strain

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Afgooey Strain 

Origin: Afghanistan and United States

Strain Type: Indica dominant hybrid 

Flowering Time: 50 -60 Days 

Lineage: Maui Haze and Afghan #1 

What is Afgooey?

The Afgooey strain physically resembles it’s Afghan #1 mother as it relates to structure and resin. When it comes to the potency and head effects, this aspect is more representative of it’s Maui Haze father.  

Afgooey History:

Composed of old school sun grown qualities, Afgooey popped on the scene back in the early 1980s. Mostly sun grown and originally used in the medical cannabis space, several instances of using this flower for hash were observed in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Today the Afgooey strain remains a top favorite for folks as this is a heavy trichome based strain that is both sticky and beautiful. 

Afgooey Aroma:

A properly grown Afgooey flower will have a sweet aroma that combines a sweet fruity smell with the combination of pine and earthly flavors. Upon the first smell, one will be tantalized by the hints of cherry and citrus. Upon the aroma reaching your lungs, you will notice a clean, fresh piney smell leaving you wanting more. 

Afgooey Taste: 

The flavor of each Afgooey flower is completely dependent on the quality of the grow from seed to flower. The Henry’s Original experts are master cultivators who only use high quality materials and extreme care with each plant throughout the entire process. It is through these processes that master small batch growers are able to extract the key distinguishing flavors through each flower. 

When properly done, an Afgooey flower will have an earthly, herby taste that hints of strawberries and cherries instead of soil and grit. This flavor lasts throughout a smoke and finishes with a rich, robust taste that is smooth on the palette. 

Afgooey Qualities:

As a strong indica base, the Afgooey strain will leave you completely relaxed due to it’s strong Maui Haze lineage. Afgooey is best used when total relaxation is the goal and complete relaxation (mental and physical) are the desired outcome. In addition to the relaxing effects, Afgooey strain properties elevate your mood, reduce anxiety, help with pain relief and have a natural sleep aid property.

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